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Breakers Hotel
Palm Beach

Fisher Island

Breakers Row
Palm Beach

Phoenix Towers Condo
Singer Island

Tiara Condo
Singer Island

La Concha Hotel & Casino
Puerto Rico

Nikki Beach Resort
Turks & Caicos

Hilton Caribe Hilton
Puerto Rico

Hyatt Regency

Great House
Grand Cayman

Four Seasons
Palm Beach

Princess Hotel
Palm Beach

Sunny Side Village
Paridise Island

Shell Point Village
Ft Myers

The Caryle House
Jupiter Island

Amelia Island Plantation

Ship Watch Village
Kiawah Island

Sea Gate Residents
Delray Beach

Reebok Intl.
Stoughtan Massachusetts



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The only thing standard about Plaza Doors is a commitment to Quality



There are no warehouses with rows of sliding doors in stock waiting to be ordered. Every door we make-whether standard-size or custom-size-is made to specific order and we are dedicated to producing the finest noise-free, easy-to-slide glass and screen doors possible. We are noted for innovative configurations which we build to the required specifications.


In business for over 50 years, we have a product that has stood the test of time. Widely recognized among architects, contractors, designers, and other professionals in the building and remodeling, Plaza Door has earned the reputation for excellence.


Only the finest aluminum, all stainless steel deadlocks and fasteners, the smoothest, quietest roller assemblies, and the best screens in the industry go into our product to provide you with a door that meets your expectations.


Impact Doors and Testing

In order to offer Impact doors to withstand hurricanes and other violent storms we have several doors in our Titan series that have complied with the rigors of testing--Titan 50, Titan 90, Titan 85, Titan 120 and Titan 142.


IIBP periodically tests and retests our doors when we develop and reengineer key components to verify that the quality and strength of our sliding glass doors improves. For testing, we use the widely known Hurricane Test Laboratory  to conduct all necessary procedures for pressure, precipitation infiltration, and impact* resistance.

*LARGE MISSILE IMPACT RESISTANCE: The purpose for large missile impact resistance testing is to demonstrate the ability of the sliding door and glass to withstand the impact of large missiles that would be blown about in a hurricane or other high wind event. To pass, the door and glass panel must remain in place and protect the interior space from the devastating winds. To simulate a large missile, an eight foot piece of 2" x 4" yellow pine lumber is shot from an air cannon at the door and glass panel at multiple places on the door. After the impact, the door panel is placed in a pressure chamber and subjected to cyclic pressures that simulate the gusting winds of a hurricane.

*SMALL MISSILE IMPACT RESISTANCE: The purpose of small missile testing is to simulate the impacts of small missiles, small rocks from roof tops, and other small debris and id tested with small ball bearings. On all small and large impact missile tests, Plaza uses "dry set" impact resistant glass in a marine-type gasket for ease of replacing damaged glass from a storm or accident while still retaining the same strength as the original installation.

*NON-IMPACT RATED PRODUCTS: The requirement for testing on products that require shutters is due to the wind pressures only.  Shutters will only shield from flying debris and not the wind pressure.  The door must withstand the same pressure either way.

Residential Limited Lifetime Warranty

Plazadoor Corp. offers a limited lifetime warranty which you can review if you click on the above link.




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